Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bigger than the beatles part 2 - Brian

Well at least bigger than the lightening seeds. I'm a sucker for bands that are really just one person with a rotation of helping musicians. I still feel sad that Roddy Frame has started using his name rather than Aztec Camera for his releases. If you are going to choose a name, then I guess if Aztec camera is at one end of the scale then this band is at the other..."Brian". I know virtually nothing about the band except that it is a moniker for Irishman Ken Sweeney who bizarrely had a small part in father ted. In fact i think one of the father ted writers helped get Brian's first ep released. "Bring Trouble" is the only full length cd released which was in 1999. The cd is full of bright and breezy tunes (the vocal does remind me of Ian Broudie) mixed with just the right level of melancholy. I thikn the record label at the time were hoping that Brian would become a new Divine Comedy or something. I suspect that when this happened the band were dropped thus the lack of a follow up. If anyone has anymore info let me know. I really hope Brian get ressurected somewhere

"We Close" - Brian

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