Saturday, 29 August 2009

Cherry Red part 1

When I was getting into music independent labels seemed 2 a penny before the all got bought up by the big boys. Like a precursor of Sarah and more twee cousin of factory records was cherry red. I got onto alot of their artists through the compilation lps they did "Pillows and Prayers". They has the Smiths baiting "pay no more than ..." stickers on when "life's a riot" was just a chord in Billy Bragg's head. Through them I got into Everything but the girl and Felt among others.
Go and visit the website it's a treasure trove of great bands and cds
Felt are one band that will be on a future bigger than the beatles but in the meantime here is Felt's lead singer with an open letter to their guitarist
"Ballad of the Band" - Felt
"Where you been Havent seen you for weeks , You've been hanging out with all those jesus freaks"

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