Sunday, 2 August 2009

First post

So I've finally taken the plunge and set up a blog. My aim is just to write about bands and books to keep them alive! I've read alot of blogs over the last 12 months or so, lots inspiring me to have a go , but the biggest inspiration has been the vinyl villian http://http// Not only has Jim got such fantastic taste in music but he writes about it so beautifully. So as a first post ... this is a big thankyou to the vinyl villain.

One of the singers that features on the vinyl villian alot is paul quinn who has one of the best voices going - Breaking point by bourgie bourgie pops up quite a bit on various blogs and so I've gone for something from paul quinn and the independant group released on the revitalised postcard record and featuring a real whos who of jangly scottish guitar pop.

Stupid Thing - by Paul Quinn and the Independant Group


  1. What a way to start a blog ...the best song from the greatest crooner ever!Now you have to keep it up!
    Good luck and well done
    Tel Aviv

  2. Thanks Phil I appreciate the comment
    I still cant understand how richard hawley became such a music media darling whereas paul quinn is still relatively unknown


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