Monday, 24 August 2009


I grew up in the fens which is a chunk of land reclaimed from the sea in the east of England - literally the arsehole of the country. The land is depressingly flat giving a real sense of being in the middle of nowhere. The only good thing going for it was the odd dramatic . sunset , sunrise or rainbow. I guess cycling was pretty easy as well. Nothing much comes out of the fens (ex World Strogest man competitor, budgie fancier and shot put medal winner Geoff Capes is my hometown's most famous son!). With not much to do strange obsessions took hold mainly speedway with it heroes who had such great names such as Ivan Major. and line dancing ( i couldnt see the attraction of either) I grew up in holbeach (see photo) which included the Woolworths that time forgot but went to school in spalding which had 2 annual events. The first involved a parade of floats decorated with tulips (think Disney world parades but but with flowers instead of cartoon characters and done for 1/10000th of the cost) and the second involved the local skin heads pulling down the town centre xmas tree on new years eve.
Anyway such an area doesnt really seem to pronpt the songwriters muse (no 24hours to Sutton Bridge) ...... however I couldnt quite believe it when I came across this track by DR Robert the lead singer of the Blow monkeys!

The cd that this comes from can be found here

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