Friday, 28 August 2009

Great singles

In prep for a future post on great singles I thought I'd post this. This track starts with about 30 secs of abstract tone/noise. There is no chorus, it is based on a waltz and the vocals dont start until after 1 min 20. It was written by someone who went on the write songs for Atomic Kitten. It went top 3 and was in the top 20 for that year at a time when you had to sell an awful lot of singles to get in the charts

Any ideas?


  1. It's Joan of Arc by OMD and it pains me to say i got it from the Atomic Kitten connection......:)

  2. It is Joan of Arc - it struck me that with my old mans grumpy head on that today this wouldnt get released as a single let alone get radio play .... the next atomic kitten on the other hand.....


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