Sunday, 30 August 2009

Lazy sunday - Sons of Pioneers

It's sunday, I'm feeling lazy and so I'm going to go for the music blogger's get out clause ie the random shuffle. What ever ends up as top I'll post and explain who it is and why i like it

First up Sons of Pioneers by Japan - for the bass playing and the slightly chanty chorus, and the fact that I used to think the cover of the lp this came from was the coolest thing (I soon got over it)


  1. Good Luck with the blog! And I like the Lazy Sunday could make for some interesting to embarrassing mp3 player moments...!

  2. There is definitely a risk as I've loaded up on my pc pretty much everything I have and didnt consult the taste police. The good thing is that my children are too young to have any mp3s - many a friend has complained to me that they will be on their mp3 player when suddenly an x factor winner pops up

    thanks for the good luck message


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