Monday, 24 August 2009

Miracle Mile Monday

Why oh why arent this band massive. Since the mid 90s they have produced songs of such great quality, they get great reviews in places like Q and are often featured in the sunday papers lps of the year and yet noone I meet has a clue who they are. They fall under that songwriting as a craft category - no rushed out 3 min thrashes here. They can verge a tad too close to AOR?MOR at times but the melodies and words worm their way into your brain and stay hooked in there

I'm going to try and taking inspiration from Vinyl Villian's dedication of fridays to Morrissey's singles. For the next few months I'm going to post a miracle mile track each monday. I'm starting with one of their earliest and best - from the first cd Bicycle Thieves (released in 1997) comes "Walking John Wayne " which like all the best songs seems deceptively simple
"thought my finger pistol days were through but i thumb the hammer and I point at you"

You can get a copy of bicycle thieves here at the bands own website


  1. Fantastic song by one of my favourite bands.
    You wont have a problem finding great songs by them....every track is a corker!
    I'm currently listening to Trevor Jones' first solo release'Hopeland'.Album of the year for me so far, but I've a feeling the competion will hot up next week when Prefab Sprout release their new(old!) album

  2. Thanks for the comment
    Is hopeland readily available?
    Hopefully you will like friday's post!

  3. Hopeland is due out in the autumn, but send Trev an e-mail and he'll sort you out with a copy , I'm sure.Please don't wait, you wont be dissapointed.
    While I'm writing thought I'd let you know Brian released 2 albums.The first was 'Understand' in '92

  4. Thanks anon

    I'll drop him a line and also thnaks re brian -I'll get searching

  5. Hello, Trevor from Miracle Mile here.
    Thanks for starting this Miracle Mile Monday thing.
    If you are interested in MM stuff or indeed my new solo outing 'Hopeland' you can email me:


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