Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tears all over Town

I'll start by saying that I'm not one of these macho types who think sport is the only thing worth crying about. I'm a sucker for the hollywood trick of triumph over disaster played out as the strings swell. Many is the time I've left the cinema with the old "there is something in my eye" routine. my wife is used to seeing the dvd credits with me snuffling in the corner.

Music has the same impact - some tracks are obvious. Billy Bragg's " Tank Park Salute" about the death of his father was always going to be an obvious candidate - when it gets to "I offer up to you this tribute , I offer up this tank park salute" I'm gone.

However some come out of the blue - I guess it is a heady cocktail of nostalgia and memories and often the pure joy singalong nature of the track will mean my voice tightens and I'll go form bellowing out a song to quick silence. For example i can never finish "fishermen's blues" by the waterboys hardly the saddest of songs. The version here is the alternative track on the second disc of the recent reisssue


  1. my mother sings (or quotes) When Ye Go Away...it's been around in my life a long, long time...i feel ya on this one...i get choked up too when i hear Fishermen's Blues...it reminds me of her then, laughing...drinking in life...getting a ride back from the beach, in the back of a pick-up with all her friends...

    ...with light in my head...you in my arms...whoo-hoo-hoo!


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