Thursday, 27 August 2009

why I love country music part 2

Part 2 in this occasional series is a song of longing for a love lost. New years greeting by Australian band the Triffids comes from their flawed masterpiece the Black Swan. This is the last record the band made before they split up. it is a masterpiece just because of the quality of the songwriting and the variety of styles. It is flawed just because of this variety. Originally planned as a double the mission was that each song should be in a completely different style to all the others, as a result it is almost too varied with the album not really holding together (styles jump from vaudeville, to gypsy, to 60s girl group). As could be guessed the record company balked and the band had to edit the original down to a single cd. It has recently been rereleased in it originally intended glory with some great sleeve notes . You can get it here;-1;-1;-1;-1&sku=747588
The actual song paints a picture of a man in isolation deciding whether to wallow in the that memories he cant let go of. Th whole thing can be summed up by "I still want you back when its all said and done" and the end line of simply "to think of you or not".
It has the best "sighing" on record and as with all true country records it even features a dog.

New Year's greeting - The Triffids

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