Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bigger then the Beatles - Fat Lady Sings

The latest in Bigger than the Beatles is Irish band The Fat Lady Sings. Formed in Dublin in 1986, releasing 3 independent singles before signing for East / West and releasing 2 lps plus a compilation of singles and b sides.

I've a friend from school , John who used to like a lot of obscure indie records, he was the kind of person who had early demo cassettes of Prefab Sprout but went off them as soon as they released an lp. It was through John that I got into a lot of the music that I like today. He was the first person to play me the Wedding Present, the June Brides, the Bodines and all that C86 stuff. As we ended up in the same city doing our degrees he was always lending me singles and lps. On one such occasion he gave me "Arclight" by the Fat Lady Sings saying, this is the kind of celtic crap you like".
He was right and i rushed out to get the first lp "Twist". The lp was more thankfully hothouse Flowers than U2, with Arclight the stand out track. It was a bit like "Mary's Prayer" in that it was made for radio and I couldnt understand why it wasnt all over the the palylists. It had already been a big hit in Ireland but although the band was now based in London, it passed the charts and the radio by.
The Second lp "Johnson" came out in 1993 and was produced by Steve Osborne. The result is more polished and contains the single "Drunkard Logic" that just missed out on the top 40.
The band promoted the lp with 6 months of solid touring which in hindsight broke the band. The tour ended at CBGBs in New York with a pre xmas show. In Jan the lead singer and main songwriter Nick Kelly left the band.
Since then Nick Kelly has released 2 solo lps, the first of which won him best solo singer at the Irish Music Critics awards
Between the Trapzes (1997) and Running Dog (2005)
In 2005 The band performed a reunion concert in Dublin and released "The Fat Lady Singles" compilation
From Johnson I've posted 2 tracks
Drunkard Logic - the Fat Lady Sings (along with arclight the best thing they've done)

I am sincerely yours no more
I quit
I know life is long but life is
Too short for this
Cold rain fell on the iron bridge
Of this rusty new town
The friendly place I came to face
Stepping down

I'm sorry but
I'm leaving but

I am sincerely yours no more
I quit
I know life is long

If you like Hothouse Flowers , Big Dish, Microdisney etc then i think you'll like Fat Lady Sings
You can buy their the single compilation here
It is worth going to Nick Kelly's website here, he is doing something interesting re his new cd , a series of concerts to get feedback on different arrangements of new songs before they are recorded.

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