Friday, 25 September 2009

Discover - Unkle bob

Unkle Bob are a 4 piece band from Glasgow and forget your Glasvegas et al in 2006 they released the single of the year "the Hit Parade" and followed it up with the best lp of the year in "Sugar and Spite". The lp was produced by the guitarist in James (Saul Davies) and the band are supporting James in America this year. However the only comparison I'd make is that both bands know a good tune when it comes along

If anything Unkle Bob feel a bit like a throwback to some Scottish Bands of the mid 80s (Danny Wilson / Love and Money etc) not that they sound like these bands but because there is an emphasis on melody, the songs feel crafted and cared for. Like some of these bands there is also a bit of an American feel to them , although more REM's "Automatic for the People" rather than Steely Dan. There is a definite acoustic element but thankfully not another Nick Drake disciple . Add to that heartfelt lyrics which keep coming back to a broken heart /unrequited love and you have "Sugar and Spite"

I've posted the first 3 singles in order of release

Being the singles this shows the lp at its most upbeat. The Ramones this isn't. What all the tracks have in common apart from the gorgeous melodies is a great use of harmonies.
"The Hit Parade" is the best example with its "wish you were mine" refrain and when the harmonies come in with "say that you want me" you'll be lost.

If you like these tracks then head over to here. Unkle Bob are doing a bit of a radiohead and running a scheme of downloading he first lp "Sugar and Spite" and paying what you feel it is worth, or simply by telling 5 friends , download it for free.

Their website is also well worth a visit and that can be found here

The also have a new double a side single out "Satellite / Bad Dream". Both of these new tracks have a slighlty harder/ rougher sound to them.
You can hear them both at their myspace site


  1. Wow! Thanks for introducing me to Unkle Bob.I don't know how they managed to fly under my radar.....and I thought I knew my Glasgow bands! In parts they really remind me of Hobotalk.
    Currently listening to Malcolm Ross and the Low Miffs...a must have album!
    Tel Aviv

  2. Hi Phil - glad you like them , the whole lp is really good but Hit Parade is just goreous

    Thanks for the tip re M Ross


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