Saturday, 5 September 2009


Quite often I'll buy a cd based purely on a review (interestingly i would never do this for a book)or a comparison with a band I like. Sometimes this has resulted a prompt posting on e:bay but sometimes I've discovered great bands and records this way. I can honestly say I have only ever bought one cd based on the cover (was at my shallowest that day!). "Wicked Man's Rest" by Passenger was in the bargain bin of a shop and the cover made it stand out so for 2:99 I thought I'd give it a go.
When i eventually listened to it I couldn't believe how good it was, the lead singers voice is distinctive and the style I guess you would say is a bit acoustic , a bit folky , a bit poppy and bit electronic beaty.
The cd is full great catchy songs but for me the best is the title track Wicked Man's Rest. Its got a simple captivating piano refrain, a semi spoken vocal ( no come back it is good) and a haunting sampled dialogue
All i know about them I got from their myspace site in prepping this post. The best of which is that they have a new cd coming out called "Wide Eyes Blind Love" The only thing is that it is described as acoustic, I'm hoping they don't lose the quirkiness such as the sampled voice in the track I've posted

Looking on amazon it does seem that they tried to re-release Wicked Man's Rest with another cover (which is awful) strange to think if this was the original cover I'd never have come across the band

If you like what you hear and want to take the risk then you can buy it here

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