Thursday, 17 September 2009

Great Singles - Being Boiled

Vinyl Villain recently did a post on the Human League and the great "Empire State Human" a great single before it all took off with Dare. This and yesterday's post of "Darkness" made me dig out the other great pre Dare single they did.
This passed me by on its initial release, so I only got to hear it when it was re-released on the back of the singles from Dare.
There was one pub in Spalding that used a shed at the back to run discos (known locally as Wagon Wheels) and on a sat night this would be an alternative night (alternative in the fens wasnt that radical believe me). They played this and next monday i rushed out to get it. i didnt have a clue what Phil Oakey was on about but it all sounded very deep and pretentious (ie ideal). It popped up quite regularly on sats night for the next few weeks - I shudder to think what we looked like trying to dance to it and shouting "listen to the voice of Buddha"

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