Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Life of Live - Julian Cope

The biggest venues to see live bands in leeds were either the poly or the university and either of these 2 were on most bands tour list. The first main band I saw at the poly was Julian Cope. He was promoting the St Julian lp just having had a hit with "World Shut Your Mouth" which was played most weeks at the poly disco.

The thing with the poly venue is you always wore old shoes. This is because split beer used to mix with some weird dust to produce a red/ orange gunge (known as poly crap) that would cover your shoes by the end of the night.

The student paper at the time hailed Julian Cope quite rightly as some kind of genius , made him student president and were campaigning for him to be knighted or something.

The St Julian lp was a bit of bid to say hey I'm not that weird really and I should be in the charts.

What i remember of the concert was this was the time when he had a bizarre mike stand that was a cross between a climbing frame and some kind of gymnasts equipment. He spent the whole gig wrapped around it. (he may have done a bit of Bono like speaker climbing as well but I'm not 100 % sure). i also remember a manic version of Reynard the Fox , the end of which I was sure he had impaled himself on that mike stand.

I've posted 2 tracks. The first comes from his debut solo lp confusingly titled "world shut your mouth" to show how even when he was playing at being weird he still wrote great quirky pop songs and trampoline the second single from the St Julian lp.

Strasbourg - Julian Cope
Trampoline - Julian Cope

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