Thursday, 3 September 2009

Life of Live - part 1 Ultravox

The idea for this is that I'm going to work through every band I've seen live in order. Its going to start a bit naff but hopefully should quickly get better once i get to the poly years. Growing up in the fens meant that seeing live bands needed major planning and usually some collective coach trip to and from the venue. I'm not including friends bands Johnny Says Yeah and the wonderful Black Sick!

My first concert was in fact depeche mode - however I'm going to skip them as their record company seem very keen on the infamous take down notices and forced removals. So I'm starting with number 2 - Mr sideburns himself and his band Ultravox. The concert was in Leicester and at the time I was a serious fan. Not yet able to grow interesting facial hair I could still wear an old grey mack and stare at buildings thinking this means nothing to me. I know Ultravox stopped being cool the day John Foxx up sticks and left but I was a sucker for swirling synths and obscure lyrics. I recently read Midge Ure's autobiography from a sense of nostalgia and felt part of my teen years blown apart when he admitted that alot of the lyrics didnt mean that much (a fact most critics pointed out in most reviews). As my music compass swung indie i still had a soft spot for them right up to the awful U-Vox lp after which they thankfully split.

The concert was on the back of I think Rage in Eden the follow up to the Vienna Lp. I cant remember much about it except for the Voice when all the band members played a single drum each at the front of the stage for some big drumming solo (it sounds ridiculous and it was but it was great!)
I did have a copy on vinyl of monument a live mini lp that has a similiar version of The Voice on but I've posted instead a track from Rage in Eden (I loved everything about it even having a poster of the cover on my wall) Of course its naff but is glorious at the same time


  1. Ultravox were one of my first live experiences aswell.Iloved the John Foxx fronted version of the band but after hearing lead single 'sleepwalk'from the 'vienna' album thought they were still fantastic and caught them live at Wakefield on the Vienna tour.Great gig.When Vienna became a huge hit the pop snobbery in me made me ditch them!Now looking back I still think Vienna was a very good album but still don't like anything they put out since.
    Tel Aviv

  2. Phil - i think I was suffering from the niavety of youth!

  3. Most of us had a heavy dose of niavety during our youth, and for me into my twenties and beyond! From 80 to 83 I thought the greatest band on the planet was Classix Nouveaux!


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