Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Life of Live part 3 - The Big Dish

Life of Live now reaches the college years when going to concerts became a whole lot easier and didn't involve an endless coach journey and did start to involve endless alcohol.
I went to poly at Leeds and for the first year stayed in Beckett's Park halls of residence. Every tuesday night they had a band night where some unfortunate band would play to a load of students who had only come in for cheap beer. I couldn't believe it when for the first week , not only had I heard of the band but I was currently playing their first lp to death. The Big dish were a Scottish band often lumped in with the likes of lloyd Cole and the Commotions. They had a lot of early radio play and seemed to be championed by a few djs. All until the release of the single "Slide" which sounded a bit too similar to "Everybody wants to rule the world" by Tears for Fears. They then seemed to drop off the playlists not to return until a single from their 3rd lp called "Miss America". What I can remember about the concert was they had a percussionist who was obviously a frustrated front man and on the small stage seemed to dominate. They obviously went down well as they had to play their set twice as they had run out of songs.
This proved to be the highlight of becketts park band night as after that I can't name another band and can only recall a general awfulness through a haze of alcohol.
The Big Dish broke up after 3 lps all of which i really like. The first lp "Swimmer" can be bought here
I'm not going to say too much about them as they will be a future Bigger than the beatles post


  1. another load of memories you've just stirred....

  2. I loved ' where do you live ' i think i've got the first two albums somewhere ...


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