Monday, 14 September 2009

miracle mile monday - part 4

The next Miracle Mile track comes from their 3rd cd "Slow Fade". During the recording of this lp the other main band member Steve Davis decided to leave. It seems typical that this wasnt down to the singer stealing his girlfirend to wanting to produce songs with 20 min bass solos in, rather just that with a family and a job he couldnt give the time to keep it going. The album was completed by singer / songwriter Trevor Jones working with multi instrumentalist Marcus Cliffe and the 2 of them have remained Miracle Mile for subsequent releases.
The track posted here again has a theme of the past and looking back (Trevor on the band website: "Memories, like scars, are investments; better shown and shared, better out than in"). The track is typical of the band in that on first hearing is maybe a bit too radio 2 however soon the words and music worm into your brain and you cant stop humming it. It is also reflective of the sparser arrangements and instrumentation of the lp

Come as you are - Miracle Mile

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