Monday, 21 September 2009

Miracle Mile monday - part 5

I realised that if this is going to work then I need to put a bit of structure behind it. So I'm going to start posting tracks in terms of order of release. The plan is over a 4 week period I'll post 4 weekly tracks from each of Miracle Mile's cds - starting with the first cd - Bicycle Thieves. I've already posted one track here, so 3 more to go.

The second one is "whisky kisses" - another slower song. The backing synth sounds a bit dated and shows the amount they had to spend on recording, but the mournful violin again helps paint a picture of regret and the chorus again pulls the whole thing together and lifts it out of the MOR

"Dont it make you wonder or give you cause to regret
That he promised you a miracle with no safety net"

Whisky Kisses by the Miracle Mile

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