Wednesday, 9 September 2009

new music week part 2

Another band I know very little about! Bought this after hearing the posted track on one of those free cds that come with Word magazine every month.
The band is The Duke and the King and the cd is "Nothing Gold can Stay" (their myspace site is here where you can stream some of the tracks from the cd)
The band are Simon Felice (the Felice brothers ) and Robin Burke (described as sometime George Clinton collaborator???) and together they've made a album that seems to mix folk and soul without being either. What it is, is classic american songwriting with a summery 70s feel. The lyrics are great and seem to be centred around growing up and the good old american dream. It is the kind of cd that you listen to a couple of times and feel that it has been around for years
you can get the cd here
If you ever get famous, show your face now and then
Cause all our days are just so many waves in the wind
You can't get them back again

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