Friday, 11 September 2009

new music week part 4

I bought Noah and the Whale's first album "Peaceful, the World lays me down". It was pleasant enough despite the awful title but I thought that the band would join the ranks of "Bands who i own 1 album by". Interestingly they also seemed to be on the way to becoming one of those bands that people like to dislike

I'm a bit of a sucker for modern concept albums (those built around relationship break up not those covering some totalitarian regime on a distant future star). So when I read that the First Days of Spring covered the break up of the lead singer with his girlfriend I was intrigued and took a punt. The album is such a move on from the first one. The lyrics chart the breaking of a heart with intense honesty that have you nodding and going yep been there. The song Stranger deals with that moment when the singer sleeps with someone else for the first time in a one night stand. The music also stops it being one mans self indulgent misery piece instead it is pitch perfect melancholy.

Finally in the last song, the one I've posted here ,is a sense of redemption and healing

"My Door is always Open" by Noah and the Whale

Not only is the first day of spring an album but as the trashcan sinatras did a few years ago the band have also made a short film (the film is narrative rather than simply playing live or joining a load of pop videos together.)

You can visit the bands official blog which contains a trailer for the film here

You can buy First Days of Spring here

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