Tuesday, 8 September 2009

new music week

These days I tend to go awhile without buying any cds and then go a bit mad. Last week i bought 5 cds some old and some new. Therefore I thought I'd make this new music week, and for the next 5 days I'll post a track from each of the cds I bought and talk a bit about them. For a series called new music week the first post is actually about old music and a recent re - release. "Song" was the second long player from classic 1 hit wonders It's Immaterial best known for "Driving Away from Home".

Its Immaterial were a Liverpool band formed from the ashes of the Yachts. In the early days it was John Campbell and Jarvis Whitehead and featured in the band Henry Priestman who went on the be the main songwriter in the Christians. The band quickly ended up a duo and after a couple of early singles and a John Peel session and then the big hit released the first Lp "Life's Hard and then you Die" (the free poster that came with the Lp spent 4 years on my wall whilst at Leeds Poly). This was one of those albums that at the time didn't really sound like anything else around (mainly due to fact that alot of traditional instruments were thrown into a fairlight to see what would come out). The band then disappeared for 4 years until "Song" came out in 1990. The album was a move on from Life's Hard and a lot more sombre and reflective. The album was produced by Callum Malcolm who also produced the Blue Nile and it tells.

Needless to say it was a commercial flop leading to rumours of a 3rd album recorded just before the band was dropped and therefore sitting rotting in the record company vaults without ever getting a release.

I've posted the one single from the album and haunting as it is you can see it was never going to set the top 40 alight!

As far as where are Jim and Jarvis now or have they released anything else under a different guise ... well who knows?

For me it is a real shame that the 2 albums are all they got to release

Heaven Knows - Its Immaterial

The track is pretty representative of the rest of the album so if you like "Heaven Knows" then you'll like "Song". You can buy it here

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