Saturday, 26 September 2009

why i love country music part 3

An lp this time rather than a track. Taking time out from the Bible (will definitely be on a future bigger then the beatles post) Boo Hewerdine's record company matched him up with Texan Darden Smith. I think I read an interview where Boo Hewerdine said that he wanted to go to Nashville as part of learning the songwriting craft. On Darden Smith's website (also looking at recent photos I'm pleased to report he has lost the Michael Bolton hair)he says he was starting to feel constricted by C and W and had started listening to a lot of Elvis Costello and wanted to broaden his musical styles. "Evidence" was the resulting lp and what you get is a great combination of country and pop. I bought it on release because of the bible connection and didn't have a clue who Darden Smith was. I was glad i did as it contains one of the best songs Boo Hewerdine has been involved in. The pair tend to alternate lead vocals with the other one providing great harmonies. I've posted 2 tracks
The first is great pop song with Darden Smith taking lead

The second is the stand out track with Boo Hewerdine on lead vocals

If you are a fan of the Bible or Boo's solo stuff then I'd recommend that you give this a go.
It looks like it is difficult to get hold of - Amazon only seem to have it as 2nd hand here and even Boo's own website shop is out of stock. If these 2 tracks are to people's liking and requests come in I'll post more from the cd

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