Friday, 2 October 2009

Cult of the b side - Aztec Camera

3 from Roddy Frame who has produced some great b sides. The first is the b side to "All I need is Everything" and is a cover of the Van Halen song. Almost the perfect cover in that it has taken the song and produced something unrecognisable to the original. In this case by slowing the tempo down it shows what a great song lay the heart.

The next 2 are from the b side of "Reason for Living" from "North Star", when Roddy Frame started using his own name rather than Aztec Camera as a banner. As I've said before I wish he'd stuck with Aztec Camera!


  1. These are mighty fine b-sides and a lot stronger than most peoples a-sides! My favourite Roddy b-side ,and one of my all time favourite songs is Rainy Greys and Blues also to be found on one of the Reason for Living singles
    Tel Aviv

  2. Hi phil

    you are right Rainy Greys and Blues is a great song and one the best things he has done


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