Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cult of the b side part 3 - Edwyn Collins

Someone else with consistently high b sides is Edwyn Collins. The one I've posted was the b side of "Coffee Table Song" an early pre "Girl Like You" single. I remember reading at the time that it was a dig at David Bowie who was stuck in his post Let's Dance mid 80's rut. A reference maybe to the single Blue Jean. I'm not sure if this was journalistic licence but does contain the great line

"He is deperate to make it as a rock n roll singer

But he cant even cut it as a middle aged swinger"

Re listening to the track now I'm not half as sure that Bowie is the subject but hey ... any other ideas?


  1. Can't say I recall this one...you don't have the single with "50 shades of blue" on the Bside do you? It was a far better version than the one that appeared on the album (Hope and Despair). Loaned the single out somewhere along the way alas.
    Great pic btw - wasn't that a fold out from Smash Hits circa 1983??
    Still listening to OJ.

  2. I'll have a dig ariound for the 50 shades of blue - but i think I've only got the version from the lp.

    it is a smash hits pull out when pop music and good music werent mutually exclusive. Having said that there is a better photo on a recent vinyl villian post with edwyn in red shorts!!

    Falling and laughing as well as felicity are still two of my all time favourite songs

  3. and A place in My heart, salmon fishing in NY, I guess I'm just a little too sensitive ....so many OJ songs remain favourites.
    Wish I'd seen them live....
    He was good on his own though!
    Thanks for posting - lots of gems


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