Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lazy Sunday - The Hit Parade

Lazy Sunday and top of the shuffle pile is a bit of twee from the Hit Parade. This was released on the lamented Sarah Records home of hushed slightly out of tune vocals, strummed guitars and angst.
I like this for the fact it somehow gets "the tennis courts in Ealing" and "bowling green in Acton" into the same song
If i stood and whispered your name would you hear"
This is fairly representative of the band whose songs all seem to be about a girl who the singer used to go out with and wants back!
All the Hit Parade's cds only seem to be found via ebay for ridiculous prices which is a real shame as all mine are on records that have been played to death and there are a couple I'm missing.


  1. just about anything on Sarah Records goes for silly money on ebay nowadays.....

  2. They did release a new cd last year I think on a japanese label .Still whimsical but the singer has obviously got over his un requieted love obsession


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