Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Life of Live - Human League

The next concert I went to was to see The Mighty Lemondrops either a long lost poor man's bunnymen/ joy division or simply ahead of their time for an early 80s guitar band revival. I've nothing by them , didn't think they were that good and only went because a girl I fancied at the time wanted to go so I'll skip on to the next one. Incidentally the whole night was a bit of a disaster as the girl in question passed out near the front of the stage and we ended up in casualty (maybe this has coloured my view of the band, i think it certainly coloured her view of me)

The next concert was the Human League at the Uni. This was before the days of endless 80s reunion tours and the never ending "Here and Now". All i can remember is lots of white light and dry ice, Phil Oakey wearing some outlandish black outfit and a set list that was basically the greatest hits. They really didn't disappoint and i do remember them doing a great version of this

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