Thursday, 22 October 2009

Life of Live - Hurrah!

I've only twice been to a concert just to see the support band and this was the first time. Hurrah were part of the big 4 at Kitchenware records along with the Daintees , Prefab Sprout and the Kane Gang. They made a series of excellent jangle singles before moving to major label and releasing a 2 lps which as usual for bands I like sunk without a trace. I've posted one of the early singles "Hip Hip" and a track from their debut lp "Sweet Sanity" which shows the more rocky direction they followed.

Hurrah came on and did 30 mins of manic guitar pop, they raced through their set , with songs feeling like they were going twice as fast as on the records, guitars played with a whirling of arms , no chat just one song bang after another. Being the support band most people were at the bar and so they was lots of space to dance drunkenly which i cringe a bit to remember I did as well as singing along (i soon developed the usual male stance of standing with pint in hand nodding along to songs). With a brief thanks they were gone. Out of the shadows the place was then over run with people in black clothes and big hair. The main band were Pop Will Eat Itself (how Hurrah must have thanked their record label for that). The place became one big mosh pit - i lasted 2 songs decided the band was awful and left feeling like I'd spent the last 10 mins a tumble dryer

"Are you scared to get happy"

You can buy "Tell God I'm Here" the first lp here

However I don't think they captured the energy of their early singles. Kitchenware pulled the singles and b sides (which are as good as the asides) and early versions of tracks from the first lp into a compilation "Sound of Philidelphia". i can only find this as a download lp now and you can get this here

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