Friday, 30 October 2009

Never better than the first time - del amitri

Once upon a time Del Amitri used to have short hair and wear jumpers. They sounded more like Orange Juice and Aztec Camera than Neil Young. They released a couple of singles and a self titled debut lp before frustrated at the lack of recognition and being dropped by their record label they undertook a never ending US tour often sleeping on fans floors after the gigs and came back with sideburns and guitar solos and finally a hit in "Nothing Ever Happens"

Lead singer Justin Currie describes the bands philosophy of the time as "No chords, No choruses, no distortion, no synthesizers and no long hair, melody was god"

He goes on to say "There are more tunes between the twin guitars and the basslines in one backing track from this era than in every top line melody I've written since".

The guitars sparkle and the closest comparison I can come up with is Trashcan Sinatra's first lp

On the re-release Justin Currie ends his sleeve noted by saying "Too many fucking words though", but for me the more the better!

I bought this when it came out in 1985 and loved it ever since. My copy came with a poster of the cover art which now sits proudly framed on our landing.

I've posted 3 tracks and if you've not heard this incarnation of Del Amitri then give them a go. If you are a fan of the mid atlantic later stuff then you're probably in for a surprise

"I wanted to love her but she was never in"

"Shaving is something that you grew out of and it would take a heatwave to get you to take your jacket off"

"And you may be bleeding and leading me to the blood flow, but sleep tight tonight lions this keepers never letting go

I just wish they had stuck with the melody is god approach!

You can buy Del Amitri by Del Amitri here (includes 4 b sides as extra tracks)

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  1. I had kind of forgotten how good they were to begin with......years since I've had the chance to hear these. Cheers


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