Thursday, 12 November 2009

Places to visit

I've been trying to widen my blog reading recently and from following random links ( abit like playing a blog version of tag) I've found some great new sites.

"There and Back Again" - takes its name form a compilation that Sarah records brought out before it ceased to exist. Therefore there is a distint emphasis on all things twee

"Noisebox Music Collection" - a site from the US although loads of posts on UK indie bands. Remit is a bit wider than the previous site and not scared to get poppy

"Town Full of Loser" - has some great compilations (including posts that focus on who has appeared that week on "later") and a real varied mix of music

"2 U I Bestow" - focus on Irish music both new and old. If you like melody then this is a great place to discover new stuff

"indie.fference" - indie is in the title embraces everyithing form the jangletastic Man from Delmonte to dodgy early 80's act Blue Zoo.

Coincidence v Fate - this has some great lost tracks posted

Anyway happy reading

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