Friday, 23 October 2009

Singular Sounds A - alan rankine

A while back I mentioned that I'd done a track count by artist on windows media and Lloyd Cole came out on top. However there are also singers/bands that i only have one track by. So in search of inspiration and a new "series", i thought I'd start posting them.
Alan Rankine was one half of the Associates responsible for 2 or 3 of the best pop songs ever. Billy Mackenzie tends to get all the credit and focus. However it was Rankine who was responsible for trying to recreate the sounds in Billy Mackenzie's head onto the record.
The only solo track i have of his is "the sandman" which was released in 1986. Apparently he has released 4 solo lps before concentrating on being a producer. I'm not quite sure why i haven't bought more of his stuff as I really like this single. It gets a bit repetitive towards the end but the guitars and keyboards work well together. I vaguely remember having another track on tape "the Last bullet" but apart from that I've no idea how the sandman rated with anything else he has released.

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