Saturday, 31 October 2009

Singular sounds - B - Big Country

As a reminder in desperate need of a theme singular sounds are bands/singers that I only have one track saved on my mp3 player

The Skids had passed me by, I was never a fan of guitars as bagpipes sound and checked shirts with the top button done up doesn't look quite right - however I am a fan of any single that starts with a"ha!"
In fairness I like a few of their other tracks so it is a bit of a mystery as to why this is the only one I have.

Stuart Adamson died in 2001


  1. The debut album was excellent....but it got a bit too fist-pumping stad-rock after that for me tho'

  2. I think all the ones i like are from the first lp. I blame Simple minds after they moved form new gold dream tohaving bigger hits with Waterfront etc, loads of other good bands tried the same route and lost what amde them good in the first place


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