Saturday, 3 October 2009

Why I love Country Music part 3 Edwyn Collins

The next "country song" I love is from Edwyn Collin's "I'm not Following You" cd. Released in 1997 as a follow up to "Gorgeous George, you get the feeling that the success of "A Girl Like You" enabled Edwyn Collins to continue doing what he liked but with a bigger budget.

As a result all the elements of a country rock record are here but it sounds like it was recorded on a different planet in its own dimension

You can buy "I'm not Following you" HERE

On a separate note I'd really recommend "Falling and Laughing - the restoration of Edwyn Collins" by his partner Grace Maxwell. It charts the highs and lows and painstaking recovery of Edwyn from his cerebral hemorrhage.
Even if you aren't that interested in Edwyn's music , it truly is an inspiring read and makes you think about making the most of what you have and those around you that you love
You can buy this book HERE

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