Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Why I Love Country Music - part 5

Josh Rouse is a singer songwriter who grew up in Nashville but also grew up listening to British guitar bands of the 80s. A country singer who lists the Smiths , Cure and New Order as influences!. What this gives is a great hybrid of guitar pop songs but with country flavour. His first lp "Dressed up Like Nebraska" has a more traditional country/ americana sound however the follow up "Home" has some great pop songs on.

It is with the 3rd lp released in 2002 "Under Cold Blue Stars" that the 2 elements come together so well. Loosely built around the concept of following a married couple from the USA in the 50s, the songs tend to build up a picture rather than tell a linear narrative.

He followed this up with 1972 which had a much more summery 70s west coast feel, but whose best song is the quiet understated title track

Since then he has recorded "Nashville" ironically recorded while living in Spain, "Subtitulo" and "Country Mouse City House". The last 2 while okay don't reach the heights of the run from "Home" to "Nashville"

You can buy Josh Rouse lps here

Since leaving his record label his focus seems to be on his website and the Bedroom Classics Closet Archives, where for a fixed sum you get access to various archives and unreleased tracks.

You also can hear a "single of the month".

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  1. Josh Rouse is a wonderful talent. The last two albums arent as immediate as his earlier work, but they are worth persevering with.


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