Tuesday, 20 October 2009

a year in books

At the moment I've just started the last book in a trilogy that where each book has 900 pages of the smallest type. It feels like I've been reading these 3 books for a life time. As a result I try to keep a shorter novel on the go at the same time. Normally the words "Booker nominated" would have me running for the hills, however this was recommended to me by someone in my local Waterstone's so I thought I'd give it a go
Underground Man - Mick Jackson
Mick Jackson’s debut novel, Underground Man, is based upon the last days of the Duke of Portland who built a series of underground tunnels beneath his estate. Told via a series of journal entries and eyewitness accounts, this is a sympathetic and moving portrayal that starts with aristocratic eccentricity that descends into madness and tragedy. The last few pages reveal the devastating secret that has haunted the Duke through his life. There is some beautiful prose here which brings to life the Duke’s inner world and makes the ending even more heart wrenching. A real hidden gem

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