Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Life of Live - The Alarm

I've know idea how I ended up seeing the Alarm . They were touring on the back of breakthrough singles 68 guns and where were you hiding. I went with a a few friends I'd met in halls of residence so I can only assume there was nothing else was on that night (one of them had the lp). I remember 2 things

1) Me and my friends seemed to be the only people in the audience who didn't have hair like the band. (the amount of hairspray must have been a fire risk) It did prompt a bit of a discussion as to where all these people were in the daytime

2) The bands following were intense. Before they came on the audience performed their own version of a Blaze of Glory. I've never experienced an atmosphere like it. It was as if they had already played a set and were coming on for an encore. As a result of the atmosphere and the energy the band put in we all ended up leaving genuinely shocked at how good they were.

We didn't convert though (none of us had the hair for a start) we went home and listened to the one fan's lp and all agreed it sounded like a different band

Anyway here is what they are probably best known for

68 Guns - Alarm


  1. "Anyway here is what they are probably best known for"...

    may i suggest something else what they are probably best known for

    then you´ll know more.

  2. Blindspot - Thanks for the link (brilliant blog by the way). I'd forgotten about most of these and how much i like "Where were you hiding"


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