Saturday, 21 November 2009

Life of Live + Strange Covers

Going to poly in Leeds meant that it was only a matter of time before I went to see local heroes, The Wedding Present. I saw them 3 times in my 4 years in Leeds and the first time was the best. The later concerts suffered as they got a big LUFC following and there were always seemd to be mass fights breaking out, which for a professional wimp like me tended to spoil the experience. The first time was also to promote the debut lp George Best which I still think has some of their best songs on. I've posted 2 tracks from the re release of that lp

The first is an acoustic version which definitely wasn't played at the concert. It's a great example of David Gedge's lyric writing which is so natural they feel like snatches of conversations. I apologise there is a slight skip about halfway through this track (whenever this happens I always remember compact discs being introduced on tomorrow's world with the claim that they were indestructible - this was demonstrated by for some reason spreading jam on one)

The second is a cover of a Beatles track


  1. Ahh, Leeds Poly.

    Didn't we spend a ridiculous amount of time watch The Men They Couldn't Hang too.

    Way less fashionable or influential but grand purveyors of quality, rumbustious live entertainment as well as a bluffer's guide to English Social History.

  2. As I'm working my way through all the concerts - not long now to Men They couldnt hang!!

    Seriously thining of going to see them on jan 16th

  3. Ah....TWP. Ace band still all these years later. Bizzaro 21st Birthday tour taking place in 2010. Its a must see....


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