Monday, 2 November 2009

Miracle Mile Monday - Part 11

The 3rd track from The Miracle Mile's third lp

Another deceptively simple song, simple in the way that in its striped down form every word, and note has its place, nothing is wasted.

A song of love built around the Guggenheim art gallery. I've no idea if it is autobiographical , but the bit about Annette Benning taking a photograph is just the kind of strange detail that could only happen in real life or anyway I'd like think so

Pause and say a prayer to Frank Lloyd Wright

You can buy Slow Fade that features this track here


  1. 'Guggenheim' was written during a magical walk from 44th street, up through Central Park and 5th Ave to that museum. The NY visit was a birthday present from my girlfriend, Di. It was a glorious sunny November (long) weekend and, as you can probably tell, romance was in the air.
    We wanted a photo taken in the park, by the Alice in Wonderland statues, and asked a mum, minding her kids, to take a photo with our camera. It's not easy to say 'cheese' and 'piggin' hell, it's Annette Benning' at the same time. She took a great shot...

  2. Thanks for the comment Trev. i went to NY one Nov with my now wife, romance was in the air too. i was going to propose on top of the empire state building at night but the night before we went to a music club. It wasa bit of an open mike and someone got up and did a proposal in the form of a poem, it went on forever and I kid not had the lines "With physical love, I am new to the game but with your guiding hand we will find a way". It had all the horror and fascination of a car crash. After that I had to wait until we had flown home to propose!

    I love Hopeland. Going to do a post shortly with a link to the updated website


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