Saturday, 14 November 2009

My long lost indie past - Metro Trinity

Guitars that jangle - check

Melancholic songs - check

Slightly mannered vocals - check

Love gone wrong lyrics - check

Obscure releases that didn't sell - check

Metro Trinity should have been one of my favourite bands. However they released one ep and then seemed to disappear.

All I know about them is

1) their first release was a shared flexi disc with the inspiral carpets

2) one of their songs appeared on "Sound of Leamington Spa vol 1" compilation

3) they released one ep "Die Young"

4) Strangest of all they featured 2 future members of the Doves

I heard one of the tracks on John Peel and bought the Die Young ep. I've posted the complete ep as I'm pretty certain it is impossible to get hold of.

Slip away (which shows why you should never trust a Peugeot driver)


  1. OK...the intrp has got me intrigued, But I've never heard of them. This could be dangerous. Comments about to come as snatches of the songs are listened to:-

    Just Go. Hmmm. Sounds like Julian Cope. That's not a bad thing. Cracking jangly guitars.

    Slip Away. Its C86 isn't it?? First minute not doing anything for me (is this meant to be the lead track as its nowhere near as good as 'Just Go'.)

    Michael Furey. Oh its the Go-Betweens crossed with The Frank & Walters. Which is no bad thing!!

    Spend My Whole Life Loving You. Oh this is nice and takes me back 25 years again.

    Overall verdict?? 4/5. Thanks for sharing. This is what old-time blogs should be all about!

  2. thanks for the comments think they summ it up nicely

  3. hi there... I really do want the lyrics from the song "just go". English isn't my native language, so I can't transcribe that. I really do tried looking for that on the web, but unsuccessful. Would have some kind soul that could help me?


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