Monday, 9 November 2009

Now and Forever in Hopeland

I've held up posting about this the new lp by Trevor Jones, Miracle Mile's singer and songwriter. Mainly because I've learnt that with the Miracle Mile lps the first hearing can produce a "well that was nice" response, however slowly but surely the melodies and words shine through and before you know it , is is dominating the cd player. Therefore I've played this lp loads over the last 3 weeks to get to the point where it is top of the played pile.

The lp feels a lot more reflective that Miracle Mile's music a mood heightened by the fact that half the 26 tracks are spoken word pieces. These poems are set to just piano or guitar,and as ever the playing is exemplary, and on occasion the voice stands alone. Both the poems and the songs often feel like you are peering in a window into other lives before moving on. This is definitely one of those lps that needs to be heard in one listening, it harks back to the skill of putting an lp together before the curse of the "shuffle"

The music manages to be both sparse , in that it is often just guitar or piano but also warm as light and shade are provided by violin and viola , brushed drums and double bass.

The lp was written over the course of 12 months whilst Trevor lived in a Corsican village and I think the music and the mood are both a perfect reflection of this. The songs touch many emotions, sadness, hope, regret but always returning to love. All summed up in the final song "Homeward"

"Love isn't hard to find as long as you carry hope in mind

If hope isn't easy found call me and I will be homeward bound"

I haven't posted any tracks partly as I've said I think the lp needs to be listened to as a whole, however if you visit the website here - you can hear some of the songs. If you listen to one , make it Hopeland the title track which is just gorgeous

There is also a great piece on what lead to the writing of the lp

In short if you liked any of the Miracle Mile tracks I've posted or you want something to go with a whisky and an autumn evening then buy this lp. You can get it at the band's website here


  1. one of the best artists today in my opinion. words and music that mean something and demand repeat listenings

  2. Have to agree with everything you've written!
    In an exceptional year for great new music 'Hopeland'sits at the top of the pile.
    Songs recorded in one or two takes, its imperfections make it perfect.Trevor has never sounded so sincere.
    Tel Aviv

  3. Thanks for the comments. I read Trevor's notes about the 2/3 takes and the imperfections and this highlighted why I'll never be a musician. No matter how hard i listen I can't spot them!


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