Friday, 6 November 2009

Singular Sounds C - Clint Boon Experience

Singular Sounds for C - well it could have been Cardigans , Charlatans , Chemical Brothers or Cornershop. However for each of these the fact I only have one track means it tends to be the obvious one. Therefore I've gone for The Clint Boon Experience. Former keyboard player in the Inspiral Carpets (as you might guess from the opening keyboards), this is a track i heard on the radio and rushed out to buy. It is very catchy and a bit like sweet food , I played it to death and then got a bit sick of it. I've no idea how representative it is of other stuff they have done. I obviously didn't think much of the b side as I've not bothered to put it on the pc.
you might find this a great bit of undiscovered pop or it may have you running for some abstract noise merchant
This is a new revolution

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