Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Singular Sounds D - Dalis Car

Dalis Car were a short lived partnership between Bauhaus lead singer Peter Murphy and Japan bassist Mick Karn. For some reason on my pc I've got one track by them, which isn't even the lp's only single. Listening to it now, it hasn't dated that well. it has a pseudo Japan type feel to it. I've had to resort to Wikipedia to tell me that the duo didn't spend that much time together in the studio preferring to exchange tapes instead. Those feeling harsh could say you can tell. One for Japan and Peter Murphy completests only i fear


  1. I don't know, while it is kinda patchy, there is a really interesting thread through the music. I started re-listening to Dali's Car over the last year and find myself going back to it often when I am at the computer and iTunes is providing a soundtrack.

  2. I'll try and get some more form the lp - i was a massive japan fanand i do like Peter murphy's voice. However dont think Mick Karn ever topped Sensitive


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