Friday, 20 November 2009

Strange Covers - Heaven 17

When you think of Heaven 17 you probably think:

Lot's of synths, music to dance to, over the top backing vocals

When you think of Party Fears Two by the Associates you may think
Lots of synth with off the scale vocal gymnastics

Now forget all that and listen to this stunning cover version. Originally performed at a tribute to Billy Mackenzie it paints the song in a whole new light


  1. A brilliant moment for Heaven 17. Martyn and Glenn were so on the spot to not try and improve or copy Billy Mackenzie's uniqueness. Thus they have produced what all covers should be...a well conceived tribute to the original.

  2. Thaks fo rthe comment think you sum it up perfectly

  3. Someone should make Neil Hannon listen to this and realise just how utterly appalling his attempt was.

    You could have given me 1000 guesses and I'd never have got near Heaven 17 - Glenn Gregory's voice sounds a lot different from 25 years ago.


  4. Jc - I know what you mean - when i found it on the Off the Record blog and gave it a listen it wasnt at all what i was expecting .


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