Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Year in Books - Chris Steele-Perkins

A bit of a cheat this one as it is a book of photographs. "England my England" collects together a aeries of photographs taken over the last 35 years by Chris Steele - Perkins. It doesn't contain the best or my favourite photos, but together it represents a kind of cultural history that endless "Remember the..." programmes cannot capture. The subject matter on one hand is random , from the Debs ball to the reggae festival and the country fair and yet a theme forms ...all life is here.

I'll leave it to Michael Palin "These are wonderful images, showing just how revealing the lives of ordinary people, doing day-to-day things can be. They are glimpses of a country in doubt, sometimes in pain, but full of an indomitable spirit."

Why I like this book so much I think is that it covers pretty much the time I've been alive as result it seems that on every page there is a memory hiding

You can buy "England My England" here

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