Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bigger Than the Beatles - The Pearlfishers

The good thing about having a job that covered the whole of Scotland was that i got to visit lots of small record shops from Ayr to Elgin. One of the smallest and the best was in the City of Discovery and home of Danny Wilson Dundee. On one visit I picked up two 12" eps "Hurt" and "Sacred" (I'm ashamed to say because I liked the covers and the name of the band - The Pearlfishers, as well as the fact that they were 2nd hand and very cheap).

I soon tracked down an lp "Za Za's Garden" (1993) and I've bought pretty much everything they have released since.

The Pearlfishers is the recording name used by "Scottish Brian Wilson" David Scott.

Now if i were to have a chart of most over-rated artists Brian Wilson would feature, always behind Bob Dylan but that is a different matter. However, I do like music that is often described as being inspired by Wilson (I think that basically mean intricate instrumentation, complex production and loads of harmonies). The Pearlfishers fall into this bracket.

Since that debut lp they have released the following on various labels

Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies (1997)

Young Picnickers (1999)

Across the Milky Way (2001)

Sky Meadows (2003)

A Sunflower at Christmas (2004 and that rare thing a good Xmas album)

Up With the Larks (2007)

Over the years there haven't been any radical changes in style just fine tuning the format of melody and harmony and in fact "up With the Larks" from 2007 is I think the best thing he has done. Although David Scott is almost a 1 man cottage industry Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub has co-written and played on a number of the lps (In fact they played together in 2007 on the sit down and sing tour)

I've posted 3 tracks to show how the sound has evolved. The first "Lord Franklyn" comes from "Strange World" and the next 2 are from "Up with the Larks"

Lord Franklyn - The Pearlfishers

Womack and Womack - The Pearlfishers

The Umbrellas of Shibuya - The Pearlfishers

As ever availability is patchy - HMV has most of the lps , however you can get them here direct from the record company (Marina - it is also worth checking out what else they have)

The bands website is here where you can listen to clips of tracks from all the lps (apart for Za Za's Garden)


  1. I only discovered the Pearlfishers this year but I've fallen in love with their last album too. Such a happy sound... which I think is what we all need right now!

  2. Thanks fo rthe comment Rol - i like the fact that there is room for people like david scott who has enough of a fan base to release an lp every couple of years, you get the feeling he makes records that he wants to hear

  3. This is so late but I hope you'll see it. I read this post back in December and then couldn't remember which blog it was from. I have some Pearfishers but I didn't know about the Christmas album until I read this. I was able to get it from eMusic and it's wonderful. Thanks so much- I really like your blog a lot.

  4. cheers Greer - I've just seen it! and thanks fo rthe feedback on the blog


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