Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Bigger than the Beatles - Something Happens

I had 3 great years living in Scotland and found loads of bands with guitars that jangled. My job eventually moved me and I ended up in Leicester in a house that had windows where walls should be and walls where windows should be, sharing with among others the weirdest girl I've ever met who lived off weetabix and ready salted crisps, and one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Des was from Dublin and over the next 12 months he introduced me to loads of Irish bands with guitars that jangled.

One of these was the band Something Happens who I vaguely remembered seeing supporting the Icicle Works whilst at poly. They didn't exactly shout style and their covers were awful ( the one above is their best effort so you can imagine what the others were like). However they knew how to write melodies and the singer had a great voice that carried you along on a wave of a song.

They released 4 lps, 3 of which are fantastic, the third "Bedlam a Go Go" (lp titles weren't much better than the covers) seemed to ignore what had made them so good ie melody (Just to check I've tracked it down on Spotify and it is just as bad as I remember.) Luckily the 4th and to date final lp "Planet Fabulous" turned out to be their strongest yet.

The 4 lps are

"Been there Seen That Done That" - 1988 Take This With You

"Stuck Together With Gods Glue" - 1990 Parachute (maybe their best known track and certainly one of the catchiest)

"Bedlam a Go Go" - 1992

"Planet Fabulous" - 1994 - Here Come the Soldiers

Hear that song , turn it up

Best dam song I ever did hear

Wraps around me like you are near

They also released a greatest hits package which bucking a trend had the great title of "The Beatings Will Continue until Morale Improves" . This was then re-released and retitled "Best of" which is a shame. You can buy this here

Their myspace is here and has loads of video clips on

Unfortunately their best lp "Planet Fabulous" seems to be rarer than a rare thing so eBay is probably the best route.

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