Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cult of the b side - suede

Suede were one of those bands that continued the tradition of the Smiths in that singles all had non lp tracks as b sides. They also gathered them together into a compilation "Sci Fi Lullabies". The other thing in common with the Smiths was a lot of the b sides were better than some of the lp tracks and certainly better than a lot of band's a sides. Two of the best came on the b side of single only release "Stay Together". I prefer both to the a side as they are much more focused whereas the aside saw a never ending self indulgent Bernard Butler guitar solo.

Living Dead is classic Suede ( only stops being the ultimate Suede track as it is one of those rare tracks where the word "gasoline" doesnt feature in the lyrics)

Where's all the money gone , I'm talking to you
All up the hole in your arm, is the needle a much better screw
But what will you do alone because I have to go

Where is this life of fun , that you promised me
Nothing here works but your works and I mean it I have to leave
But what will you do alone because I have to go

My dark Star is also classic Suede in that I've no idea what it is about but it sounds great

My Dark Star - Suede

Living Dead - Suede

Brett Anderson has one of those love it or hate it voices, but I think the vocal on these 2 are among his best.

you can buy Sci Fi Lullabies here

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