Saturday, 19 December 2009

God Like Genius - Lawrence

To be a God Like Genius you need an element of eccentricity. Also it unlike the others in the series a Genius can produce some pretty awful stuff, but this is balanced with the exceptional and never features the ordinary. Lawrence of Felt fits that bill. He deserves his place just for for the fact that he formed Felt and introduced the manifesto of 10 singles , 10 lps in 10 years and then split, which he stuck to.

He went on to form Denim and Go Kark Mozart which i could take or leave. It is Felt that I'll focus on.

Formed in 1979 Lawrence set his stall out in terms of snappy trip off the tongue titles with first lp release - Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty.

Band members came and went but I think they were at their peak when Maurice Deebank was the guitarist with a lot of the songs built around some intricate playing that lifted it above the usual indie fare

The first track I've posted is the 4th single released in 1983 and is a great bit of sing along indie pop

The next 3 come form I think Felt's purple period and 3 lps when they were at their peak

The Second track comes from my favourite of their lps "Strange idol Patterns and other Short Stories"

The next lp "Ignite the Seven Canons" was produced by Robin Guthrie and features Felt's best track the epic Primitive Painters with Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins on backing vocals. At the time I thought this would be the breakthrough single (Lawrence's lyrics were often full of intellect and self obsessed self pity - ideal for a 16/17 yr old boy in the fens) but short of doing well in John Peel's festive Fifty it didn't really trouble Gallop

Maurice Deebank left after this lp which naturally Lawrence addressed in the next single "Ballad of the Band"

Where have you been, haven't seen you for weeks
You've been hanging out with all those Jesus freaks

Oh Yeah and I feel like giving in

Where were you when I wanted to work

You were still in bed you're a total jerk

Oh yeah and i feel like giving in

There's a place for abstract and there's a place for noise

There's a place for every kind of sound so come on now and tell me why you re so void

Its all my fault yes I'm to blame

Aint got no money and aint got no fame
And that's why I feel like giving in

And all those songs like crystal ball, dismantled king

You know I love them all

I still feel like giving in

The final track comes from "Forever Breathes the Lonely Word" and with Deebank gone the sound of the Hammond organ is more to the fore.

You can get a compilation lp "Stains on the Decade" here


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