Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Life of Live - The Passmore Sisters

After the Bowie let down it was time to go to the other extreme. If bands played Leeds and they were vaguely successful they played either the poly or the university. If they had a reasonable following then they played the Warehouse. If they had an exclusive or cult (ie very small) following then they played the Duchess of York. Every city I've lived has had a Duchess of York, a pub that puts concerts on , a pub you would never consider going to unless it was to see a concert and for Leeds it was the "Duchess of York". I don't know in this time of complicated licensing and performing laws if it is still going, I hope so , some of the best gigs I've been to have been whilst nursing a beer and considering if I risk going to the bogs in this pub.

The first one was for short lived band The Passmore Sisters (featuring no sisters and no one called Passmore) . The band released 4 singles and one lp between 1985 and 1987 and unlike a lot of indie bands at the time didn't seem scared to embrace the wonderful world of pop.

I remember that at the time I only had a single that I'd got in a lucky dip (local record shop would sell a sealed bag with 10 mystery singles in for a couple of pounds - a bit like buying panini football stickers you got lots of Eric Gates and the occasional Kevin Keegan)

It didn't matter that I only knew 2 songs as the rest were even better. Next day I rushed out and bought the lp and then not hear anything else about them.

Every Child in Heaven - The Passmore Sisters

June is in the Water - The Passmore Sisters

Red Star Blue Heart - The Passmore Sisters

The Lp is a nightmare to find, mine had almost worn through with playing but I found this blog where you can download the whole lp


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