Monday, 21 December 2009

Miracle Mile Monday - part 17

Miracle Mile released their 5th lp "Stories We Could Tell" ( a title that would fit perfectly with all their releases) in 2004. Whilst not a radical departure the instrumentation feels a bit broader on this lp where Marcus Cliffe comes into his own (is there anything he can't play!)

First track is Milk Moustache is a case in point with Marcus Cliff eon Glockenspiel and Simon Currie guesting on Flute, Clarinet and Tenor Sax.

You can buy Stories We Could Tell here


  1. Quite simply my favourite track from my favourite band!
    ....but it's not my favourite MM album.That has yet to be featured.
    This track ,like so many of theirs,takes me back to my childhood in North Yorkshire, which always feels good now that I'm living 2000km away!
    Tel Aviv

  2. Thanks Phil, I'm not sure what my fav is . i have a soft spot for Bicycle theives just because it was the first one i heard, however i think Limbo just gets my vote


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