Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Not Quite Prefab Sprout - part 1

Following on from the lazy Sunday posting, I've started thinking of the lps I've bought purely on the basis of the following words in a review ...."sounds a bit like Prefab Sprout".
Sometimes this has led to me wondering exactly which prefab sprout the reviewer meant because it certainly wasn't the one I liked. However every now and then it means getting a real gem.

The best 2 bands I've come across in this way will feature in the next 2 posts. The first is the latest incarnation of Sunday's post "Booley", "Duke Special". This is the current name for Belfast based songwriter Peter Wilson.

As Duke Special he has released 3 eps and 4 lps (one of which collected together tracks from the eps and the other is live performance backed by an orchestra)

The 2 main studio lps are
2007 - Songs from the Deep Forest
2008 - I Never Thought this Day Would Come

It is the first that prompted the Prefab Sprout comparisons. The songwriting is an echo back to the days of Gershwin , Bacharach, etc. There is a sense of almost vaudeville in some of the arrangements and his live appearances (helped by his dreadlocks and dress sense)

I Never Thought is a great lp by anyone else's standards but I feel some of the eccentricity of the first has been lost. The Songs on Deep Forest are the type that after of couple of plays feel like they have been around for ages.

I've posted 2 of the tracks from Deep Forest

You can find his website here where you can currently download a free lp that is a mixture of tracks from the 2 lps, the early eps and some live stuff

So if you like Prefab Sprout give him a go
You can buy both cds here but I'd go for Songs From the Deep Forest


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